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Poole Gig Rowing Club

Hello and welcome to Poole Gig Rowing Club, if you are thinking about coming to try out rowing, members come from all walks of life, all ages, and you don’t have to be able to row beforehand. Membership fees are excellent value to have access to all that Poole Gig Rowing Club has to offer and are significantly less than many comparable activities; the fees are essential to the Club to help us manage the regular maintenance on the gigs, oars and other equipment.

Getting Started

Open rowing sessions are the ideal way to try your hand at rowing a pilot gig with other novices and first time rowers. Open sessions are short and have straightforward instruction to get you started. You will need to sign a disclaimer at your first row. Open rowing sessions are held once a month. You can row three times at £2 per session before you need to join the club at a minimum cost of £2 per row. If you don’t join after 3 rows, you will be charged £5 per row for subsequent sessions. If the weather is warm bring something to drink. Rowing is not just about being in the boat on the water – it is also about getting the gigs ready before and afterwards, so be prepared to get a little wet if a gig needs to be launched or recovered.